ohoo, Olli thinks he's going to be a dad some day... | ...And I'm sure he will. It's funny to see to the future like this. | I wonder what I'm like when I'm 50...?


aww, cats! | but I do wonder how my life is going to turn out... | I have 27 years untill I'm 50 | I'm sure I'm a completely different person then.

Or I don't know if  I'm completely different... | But I guess I'll change... | I haven't even lived for 27 years yet | I dont know if I'll change or not or how much if I do. And anyway, now I feel like that I'm missing a goal and direction and all that. | ...and on the other hand it's really scary... | but on the other hand.. | ..it's liberating. | ...just as long as I would have courage to throw myself in to the unknown.