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perjantai, 24. lokakuu 2008

Meidän pitää puhua...

I need to talk to you seriously... | You know this is not working anymore... | ...You and me. | I know we've had some great times... And we've had lots of fun together..
But lately we've just been fighting... | ...And you've not been here so many times when I would have needed you. | And anyway, I think we are too different... |...you've made choices that are really hard for me to accept.
I think it would just be best for both of us, if we'd split up... | please, just say something...
Whatever, be like that. I don't care. | But I think I have to tell you something else... | That I've found someone new... | And so, Vuodatus, I am going to change my blogging to: http://ahokoivu.sarjakuvablogit.com. | ...And I have a really good feeling about this new relationship...

ELI MARI SEIKKAILEE NYT OSOITTEESSA http://ahokoivu.sarjakuvablogit.com
AND SO, THE NEW BLOG ADDRESS IS: http://ahokoivu.sarjakuvablogit.com

lauantai, 18. lokakuu 2008



Ennen kuin ehdin laittaa 24 tunnin sarjakuvaa omaan blogiini, niin sen voi käydä lukemassa sarjakuvakeskuksen sivuilta.

Before I''ll put my 24 hour comic to my blog, you can see it from the Comics centre's page (only in finnish, sorry. I'll make english subtitles as soon as I recover...)

perjantai, 17. lokakuu 2008


Selitys: Olen vetämässä sarjiskurssia keskuksella, ja laitoin kurssilaiset tekemään sarjakuvakritiikkejä sarjakuvan muodossa Inhokki ja suosikki sarjakuvistaan. Tein sitten itsekin omat, inhokista ja suosikista...

explanation: I'm giving a comics course at the comics centre in Helsinki, and I made my students do comics critiques in comic form from a comic that they like and dislike. So I did them myself also...


Yann & Conrad: White tigress "Mari's verison" | Whoaa! I'm a kung-fu girl, beautiful but naive | And a virgin (which is really important for the story for some reason) | Becouse I'm a kung-fu girl I can speak kung-fu | Red fly, go to Hong Kong in a hour of the rooster and bring us the head of the dragon of the triad of three green bamboo. | Yes master. | It's important so I can do my assignments | Now I can't let down my party.. | and I hope they don't find out I'm a virgin. | This is like a comic for adults and that's why it like has sex in it... | You still have your flower of lotus?* | *virginity. | And violence.| But also some romance. | He just tried to rape me, but still I feel strange attraction towards him... | we women are so silly... | And then I'll just kick some more butt. | I hope they don't realize... | ...That I'm still a virgin.. | Argh.. for gods sake...   

Why I like Tom Gauld's comics: | The different sizes of the magazines. | Beautifull and clean drawing style. | Character that are sincere and maybe a bit lost. | Stories in where at the same time... | ...nothing happens... | ...and everything in the world is happening. | The authenticity that's glowing from them. | their sadness that tears up your heart.

Sorry for the quick and loose translation...

keskiviikko, 15. lokakuu 2008

Taas vähän hukassa


tiistai, 14. lokakuu 2008


Tälläiset löyty koneelta, en oo vissiin vielä laittanu näitä blogiin... Ilmestyi laivareissulla luonnoslehtiööni...