Missing (working title) -Diary markings about making an album. | Would you trust the CHEATER  DOG? | Oh you're lost? Don't you worry, I know where we are. | Maybe you shouldn't, because he's always cheating. | I've noticed that I can draw more when I'm in a metro or in a train.
Because then I'm already moving, doing something, traveling. | I don't have to think that I should
be doing this and that. | And I can some how unlock my thoughts when I don't HAVE TO draw. |
I just went to see the exhibition at Muu gallery for the last time. | Tomorrow this exhibition is gone also. | And I'm not going to see thease works ever again. | That normal depression that I get during the fall hasn't really come... |

Instead I've been feeling this stinging nostalgia. | For me, nostalgia is when you feel you are unbearably sad and happy at the same time. | And when you sit in a café by yourself and think about everything that has ended, everything that's gone forever, and everything that's waiting for you, that you will experience in the future... And Everything you can say to all this is: |  How beautiful is fall.