18 DAYS: countdown to the Helsinki Comicsfestival | Today I... | Glued
shiny letters on the floor. | I cant think of ANYTHING that I'd rather do
than this! | And this is not sarcasim! | I've become a total letter freek. And
if the letters are done by MARKO TURUNEN, they cant get any better
from that!
Marko also thought me how to drill (although I'm not sure if he knew
that that might not be a good idea) | We almost finished building the exhibition.
Exhibition of Marko Turunen in Jangva gallery! The exhibition opening is on
wednesday 27.8.2008 at 18 to 20. | It's amazing and wonderful and fantastic (really!).
| What a wonderful day!

(sorry for my BAD english today....)

LISÄÄ näyttelystä ja muusta ---->http://www.sarjakuvafestivaalit.fi
MORE about the exhibition and other stuff ---> http://www.sarjakuvafestivaalit.fi