So how are the studies going?
-Uh? You mean my studies?

Well, ofcorse all the classes are in French, so it's really difficult...
... But I'm trying very hard.


Usually the classes go like this:
First I have to look at the schedule to see what's the class about again (sometimes even that is a bit unclear...). Then I just start to listen if I could pick up some familiar words or centences.

narration= story


Then I'll start to write down words.. or more like sounds, becouse I have no idea of the right spelling of the words... I write down familiar and unfamiliar words... Just that I stay focused...
...And I just concentrate to listen.


Usually I can't keep up with this for the whole hour... So My mind starts to wander in the end of the lesson. But I usually forgive myself for that, becouse then I'll get really good comic ideas.


And these days I can even tell, when the class is ending!

-Huh! Already?