Sometimes I think too much about the materials | I can't draw! |
I dont have my light table.. | ..and I don't have good paper. |
My  good pens are running our, and I still haven't bought  brushes.

Sometimes I think, that things has to be done in a certain way. |
I don't draw real comics! | Because I don't always start with a script. |
Because I don't always do sketches. | Because I don't draw straight lines.

And sometimes I think... | Cool guys don't do any sketches ever. |
I have to learn to work like that too. | STOP! | Why do I have to think like this?


There is no wrong way of doing comics. Everybody has their own ways.
And sometimes you want to do them quickly, with out thinking... Sometimes
carefully and with time.

And those materials, that yesterday where perfect... Can today be no use to you.
Because when your style changes, the materials you need change also... |
And why not other way around? | And would that be so bad?

Maybe it's nothing to do about the materials.. | ...Maybe it's about how you're using them. |
And maybe it's nothing to do about HOW you should do it... | ...But what you come up with.