Missing (working title) -Diary markings about making an album. | Yesterday I took a train to Oulu. Now I'm trying to sort out my studies and "other life". | It's so weard being here again... | I had one of the nicest train rides of my life.  I was alone on the train with my sisters cat, and we slept, drew and day-dreamed. I just went through what I drew on the train. | Ok... IF I'll manage to work like this every day from now on, maybe this could become something... | ...She says carefully...
BUT I shouldn't say anything... | So I don't curse this if I'm starting to get something done finally... | I've tried to start doing this in so many ways... | I've tried first to think about the theme | and I've tried to start from a synopsis | I've also tried to do some improvisation | Now I'm trying to build the story trough characters | And still I'm so lost. | Or well, not so lost... | Maybe it'll be alright, maybe... | When I get over this fear of starting the whole thing and start making decisions. That's what I'm avoiding! I HATE doing decisions!