Mari had her birthday yesterday. | All day she was painting walls and cleaning the floor,
and she thought she would never be finished and be able to go to the dance | is it now ready...? |
No, no, you still have to move the walls! | But when the work was finished, a happy surprise was waiting Mari at the comics centre. | Congratulations! | Oh you guys! | You SO know me! | a pirate hat, tiara, Moomins, lots of sketchbooks, a skeleton tie.
Then Mari and her friends went to have a nice and quiet evening at a local pub. | MEMORY LOSS | How come this room keeps spinning and spinning... and so fast? | In the evening (or night) Mari is thinking how lucky she is when she had TWO such a great birthday parties and how wonderfull friends she has (and she was also thinking how she can make the room stop spinning)