Tämä on mun päiviksestä, joten siksi se on sotkuinen ja vaikeasti luettava... oon ajatellut etten julkaisisi mitään mun päiväkirjoista, mutta menköön nyt tälläiset harmittomat jutut.

It's difficult to cycle in Helsinki | I don't know where I can bike and where I can't. I have to wheel my bike all the time | There's not enough signs in the streets and I'm afraid to cycle in the road between the cars | I'm trying to look up some maps from the internet... But I cant really see how the roads goes anyway | And the most difficult thing is, that I'm used to cycle in Oulu... and Helsinki is not Oulu.

(Sorry for my poor english, I'm tired and i dont know these kind of words...) This is from my diary so that's why it's messy and it's quite difficult to read..