I need to talk to you seriously... | You know this is not working anymore... | ...You and me. | I know we've had some great times... And we've had lots of fun together..
But lately we've just been fighting... | ...And you've not been here so many times when I would have needed you. | And anyway, I think we are too different... |...you've made choices that are really hard for me to accept.
I think it would just be best for both of us, if we'd split up... | please, just say something...
Whatever, be like that. I don't care. | But I think I have to tell you something else... | That I've found someone new... | And so, Vuodatus, I am going to change my blogging to: http://ahokoivu.sarjakuvablogit.com. | ...And I have a really good feeling about this new relationship...

ELI MARI SEIKKAILEE NYT OSOITTEESSA http://ahokoivu.sarjakuvablogit.com
AND SO, THE NEW BLOG ADDRESS IS: http://ahokoivu.sarjakuvablogit.com